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At Bcyclet, we strive to bring you unequalled quality and comfort.


Bcyclet: Be a Cycle Traveller

That's our policy in a nutshell ! Concentrate on making the most of your holiday. Whether you're cycling, stopping for a picnic, out at the beach, in a restaurant... we make sure you enjoy your trip. That's what a holiday is all about, right ?!

Dynamique and sporty team

We are all passionnate cyclists. We prepare your holidays as we prepare a race: nothing is left to chance !

Why travel with ?

Bcyclet makes sure tourism stays "handmade". Like true artisans, Bcyclet offers tours tailored to your interests, making sure your trip is everything you wished for: good food, wine, hotels, warm welcomes and all round satisfaction !

High quality bikes and accessories

In partnership with one of the best bike brands in the world, all our bikes are checked and prepared before each rental by professionals. For your comfort we regularly update bikes.

Our destinations

Bcyclet offers a range of trips carefully selected for you by our team. All our destinations have been tested, approved and enjoyed by us. We attach great importance to small quiet routes, beautiful landscapes and the pleasure of cycling.

Our difficulty levels

Leisure: 30 to 40km per day - flat and slightly rolling hills

Active: 50 to 70km per day- flat and slightly mountainous

Sportive: 80 to 130km per day - rolling and mountainous 

Bcyclet Hell !: 140km and + per day - very mountainous