What makes the Bcyclet Inferno Race a unique event ?

In 2019, Bcyclet came up with a crazy idea : hop on your bike in Annecy at sunrise and fall asleep in Menton the following night !

What is the spirit of this idea ?

The Inferno Race is most of all an extraordinary adventure which combines all the things we value in sport : face a personal challenge which may take you beyond your limits and in sometimes extreme conditions, while discovering amazing landscapes and especially sharing an unforgettable experience. 

The Inferno Race is especially about the spirit of a sporting community. Within two short days and by the time you get to Menton, a special bond will have been forged with the group of crazy cyclists that you have tried to beat to the finishing line! The celebratory drink in Nice is always a toast to a band of brothers sharing respect for each other to an incredible sporting achievement. 

What is the concept of the race ?

The Inferno is a new type of race.  In teams of 2, you will cycle North to South across the French Alps in just 2 days, riding over the most legendary passes of the region. This is a team event so for the entire race, you should ride alongside and support each other, throughout the inevitable highs and lows and create a special bond without which you may well never make it to the finishing line. 

Former editions’ participants are unanimous: the ultra-distance, the collossal elevation and the potentially extreme conditions (heat / rain / night riding / lack of sleep) can only be overcome with the moral and physical support of your teammate. 

The Inferno Race is a partially autonomous event, which means that you must carry your personal food supply and the minimum equipment to ensure your comfort and safety. However, the Bcyclet team will wait for every participant  at the top of the most iconic cols with quality food supplies and assistance but also with plenty of moral support and encouragement, which will definitely help you to  conquer the 500km and 11000m of elevation !

You must start and finish each day with your team mate, as well as leave any checkpoint always with your partner.


  • Riding in pairs : from the start to the finish line, the Bcyclet team will make sure you will leave all checkpoints with your teammate
  • Half supported race (cf. list of mandatory equipment)
  • Group drafting forbidden : you can only draft with your own teammate
  • External assistance allowed
  • Satellite tracking
  • Respect of traffic laws and road safety : all infringement may be punished with penalties or disqualification
  • Respect of the environment :  all infringement may be punished with penalties or disqualification 

In addition to what is included in the registration pack, all competitors will also receive:

Race package

  • Rider’s pack
  • GPS tracker for safety and live-tracking
  • Race manual with GPS route
  • Bag transportation between accomodation
  • Day bag that you will access once per stage

On the road

  • Half supported event
  • Dedicated support including bike mechanics
  • Food stop during and after the stages


  • Equipent checking before the start
  • Race briefing with all participants
  • Checkpoints and volunteers on the road
  • SOS function on the tracker

Media coverage

  • Livetracking platform with dedicated app
  • Media cars on the course
  • Professional photographers on the road
  • Professional video maker on the road