Orbea – Alma 25 Green Red

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Performance gains can be found everywhere and obsession is part of the game. How far is too far? For as long as we have had goals, competition and a creative spirit, we have pushed ourselves to win. Once victory is tasted, it becomes an obsession to be the best. You feel it in your heart, lungs and legs – you can sense it in our bikes. Only by sweating the smallest details and pushing past what seems possible can we achieve our ultimate goals.

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Pratique VTT, Cross country
Matière Carbone
Genre Homme
Type_Cadre Semi rigide
Marque_Fourche Fox
Débattement_Fourche 110mm
Transmission Shimano, Mécanique
Freinage Freins à disques, Hydraulique
Tailles_Roues 29 pouces
Blocage_Fourche Sur le T
Couleur Vert, Rouge
Millésime 2022

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